You are most likely here because:

You guess that your phone is compromised. You tried to root or jailbreak your phone but have no idea if it worked. You think your phone is rooted or jailbroken however you don’t understand how to check. You just mended an older phone and also don’t know/remember if it was rooted or jailbroken. You saw someone talk about jailbreaking and rooting and you are wondering if your phone is rooted or jailbroken.

In case the solution is E, then you might want to take a look at our explanation of origin and jailbreaking here.

For everyone else, you’ve come to the right place.


Here’s the best way to test if your ANDROID phone is ROOTED.

There are numerous techniques to do this, ranging from simple to complex, which is also the arrangement I’m going to demonstrate them .

1. The easiest (although not most reliable) way is to see if there is a root manager in your phone.

As soon as an Android phone is rooted by the most popular techniques, a root manager is also installed automatically.

Just open your app drawer and hunt for these apps:

If you’re able to see any of them, your phone is most likely rooted. These apps can really be downloaded in the Play Store manually however they are most commonly installed automatically throughout the main process.

Even if you’re able to ‘t see them, however, you might nevertheless be rooted. That’s because somebody could have hid those apps so that you wouldn’t find them.

2. The second easiest (and quite reliable) way is to install a root-checking app.

You will find quite a few of those apps in the Play Store, however I’m going to show you how to the with one example app:

Download the Root Checker app. Open the app. Harness Get Started to continue. Tap on Verify Root.

The app will now tell you of two items:

b. Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this gadget!

The first means that your phone is not rooted, whereas the second one ensures that it is.

3. The final (and also a little more advanced) option is to use a terminal app to test for root.

This final alternative is not really necessary since Root Checker is quite reliable. But if you just want total peace of mind, you might also use this method.

Download Terminal Emulator for Android. Open it. Just type su and should the prompt prior to your input changes from $ to #, then you’re rooted. Examine the image below for reference.

The way to assess if your iPHONE is JAILBROKEN.

In the iPhone, checking for jailbreak is not necessarily as simple as Android. There are two things you should do, and we’re going to explain both of these.

1. The simplest (but not necessarily reliable) way is to assess if Cydia exists in your iPhone.

When an iPhone is jailbroken, an app called Cydia (pictured below) is installed automatically.

Cydia is like an unofficial App Store so it should be present in each jailbroken iPhone.

The one thing you need to do is hunt your apps and see if you can find one known as Cydia.

If not, that doesn’t necessarily mean your phone is not jailbroken. Cydia can be concealed, so this should just be the first thing that you try.

2. The only other way is to look at all your apps and Settings.

Regrettably, there is no app to test if you’re jailbroken or not. If someone has really managed to hide Cydia in your iPhone, then the only way to check is to go through each one of your apps and iPhone settings.

For example, an app called HideMeX is one of those apps which may hide Cydia but it may only be used in jailbroken devices so if you discover it in your iPhone, then it’s certainly jailbroken.







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