Free Blackjack Game Online

You can also resplit again for free, making up to a total of four hands, even with aces. Then, after a free split, you can get a free double-down. Free Bet Blackjack is almost just what it sounds like because after your initial wager you get to make your double-downs and split pair wagers for free.

If the hand wins, the house matches all the free bets it laid out plus the original bet of the player. If the hand loses, the player only loses the original bet. If the dealer makes 22, all players still in the hand push. Once all players have acted, the dealer exposes the house’s down card. From here, the options start all over again with hit, stand, double down, and split all offered. This is where the hand is turned into two, and each stack receives a new card to complete it.

The game has already gone through a field trial and is approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, but is currently only offered at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas. However, the game, invented by Geoff Hall, is distributed by Shuffle Entertainment, so you can expect to see it at clubs all over the country in the future Regarding the strategy of the real hand vs. the free hand, my understanding is that you play the free hand a bit more aggressively, since you aren’t wagering your own money. There is a bit more to it than that, but simplistically, that is my best answer. Realistically, there aren’t too many differences between the two strategies, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. First of all, a dealer 22 is a push all the time, regardless of what the player’s hands are.

For soft hands, only double down against a dealer 6 up-card with soft 16, 17 and 18. However, if you get a free split and then have a soft 16 through soft 20, double-down against a dealer 6-up. Also, double down against a dealer 5 up-card with a soft 17 through 19. This same free bet is offered any time you split a pair (except 10’s and 4’s).

Nevertheless, free bets are worthwhile if you want to play live blackjack and have no other bonus options. At least this way, you can win back around $25, or so, in the event of a losing first wager.

You can see that free online real money blackjack bets have their pros and cons. The biggest downside is simply that you won’t make much money through them. An online/live dealer casino is offering a $25 free blackjack bet.







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